How to Remove Banner From Samsung TV: The Ultimate Guide

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Have you ever been engrossed in your favorite TV show, only to have a persistent banner appearing on your Samsung TV screen, distracting you from the action? This annoying banner, also known as the TV Plus banner, can be a real nuisance, taking up valuable screen space and disrupting your viewing pleasure. Fear not, as we have put together the ultimate guide to help you remove the banner from your Samsung TV and enjoy an uninterrupted, immersive entertainment experience.

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Understanding the Samsung TV Banner

The Samsung TV banner, or TV Plus banner, is a feature that displays information about the current channel, program, or promotional content. While some users find this information helpful, others prefer a clean, banner-free screen. The banner can be particularly bothersome when it appears during movies, sports events, or gaming sessions, as it can obstruct important visual elements and break the immersion.

Why the Banner Appears

The banner on your Samsung TV appears for several reasons:

  • TV Plus Feature: Samsung’s TV Plus is a free, built-in streaming service that offers various channels and content. The banner may appear to promote this feature or display information about the current TV Plus program.
  • Auto-Promotion: The banner may also appear to promote other Samsung features, services, or partner content, such as new app releases or upcoming shows.
  • Firmware Updates: Sometimes, the banner may appear after a firmware update, as the update process may reset certain settings or enable new features.

The Importance of Removing the Banner

Removing the Samsung TV banner is essential for several reasons:

  • Uninterrupted Viewing: Without the banner, you can enjoy your favorite content without any distractions or obstructions, allowing for a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.
  • Screen Real Estate: By removing the banner, you reclaim valuable screen space, ensuring that you can see the entire picture as intended by the content creators.
  • Aesthetics: A banner-free screen simply looks cleaner and more visually appealing, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your TV and room.

Preparing to Remove the Samsung TV Banner

Before diving into the steps to remove the banner, it’s essential to prepare your TV and gather the necessary information.

Identifying Your Samsung TV Model

Knowing your Samsung TV model is crucial, as the steps to remove the banner may vary slightly depending on the model and firmware version. To identify your TV model:

  1. Look for the model number on the back of your TV or in the user manual.
  2. The model number typically starts with “UN” or “QN” followed by a series of numbers and letters.

Locating the Remote Control

You’ll need your Samsung TV remote control to navigate the settings menu and disable the banner. If you can’t find your original remote, you can use a universal remote or the Samsung SmartThings app on your smartphone as an alternative.

Ensuring Your TV is Connected to the Internet

To ensure a smooth banner removal process, it’s best to have your Samsung TV connected to the internet. This allows your TV to receive any necessary firmware updates and access the latest settings options. If your Samsung TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi, try the following:

  • Restart your TV and router
  • Check for any network outages or issues with your internet service provider
  • Ensure your TV is within range of your Wi-Fi router
  • Verify that you’re using the correct Wi-Fi password

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing the Samsung TV Banner

Now that you’re prepared, follow these steps to remove the banner from your Samsung TV:

Accessing the TV’s Settings Menu

  1. Press the “Home” or “Menu” button on your Samsung TV remote.
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” option using the arrow keys and press “Enter”.
  1. In the Settings menu, use the arrow keys to select “General” or “System” and press “Enter”.
  2. Look for an option called “Auto Protection Time”, “Banner Time”, or similar, depending on your TV model.

Disabling the Banner Feature

  1. Select the banner-related option and press “Enter”.
  2. Use the arrow keys to set the banner time to “Off” or the lowest available value (e.g., 5 seconds).

Saving Your Changes

  1. Press the “Return” or “Back” button to navigate back to the main Settings menu.
  2. Select “Save” or “Apply” to save your changes and exit the Settings menu.

Congratulations! You have now successfully disabled the banner on your Samsung TV. Enjoy your banner-free viewing experience!

Alternative Methods for Removing the Samsung TV Banner

If the above method doesn’t work for your specific Samsung TV model, try these alternative methods:

Using the TV’s Service Menu

  1. On your Samsung TV remote, press the “Mute” button, followed by “1”, “1”, “9”, and “Enter”.
  2. Navigate to the “Options” menu and look for a setting called “Banner Time” or similar.
  3. Set the banner time to “Off” or the lowest available value.
  4. Save your changes and exit the service menu.

Note: Be cautious when accessing the service menu, as changing the wrong settings may affect your TV’s performance or void your warranty.

Updating Your TV’s Firmware

  1. Connect your Samsung TV to the internet.
  2. Go to the TV’s Settings menu and select “Support” or “Software Update”.
  3. Select “Update Now” and wait for the TV to check for updates and install any available firmware updates.
  4. After the update, check if the banner issue has been resolved.

Resetting Your TV to Factory Settings

Caution: Resetting your TV to factory settings will erase all your personalized settings and preferences. Only use this method as a last resort.

  1. Go to the TV’s Settings menu and select “General” or “System”.
  2. Look for an option called “Reset” or “Factory Reset”.
  3. Enter your security PIN (default is usually “0000”) and confirm the reset.
  4. Set up your TV again and check if the banner issue has been resolved.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Sometimes, you may encounter issues while trying to remove the Samsung TV banner. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

  • Ensure you have saved your changes after disabling the banner feature.
  • Check if your TV has received any firmware updates that may have reset the banner settings.
  • Try using the alternative methods mentioned in section 4 to remove the banner.

Unable to Access Settings Menu

If your Samsung TV won’t turn on or you’re unable to access the settings menu, try the following:

  • Check if your TV is properly plugged in and powered on.
  • Use a different power outlet to rule out any electrical issues.
  • If the red light on your TV is blinking, it may indicate a power issue. Unplug your TV for a few minutes and then plug it back in.

TV Not Responding to Remote Commands

If your Samsung TV remote is not working, try these solutions:

  • Replace the remote batteries with fresh ones.
  • Ensure there are no obstacles blocking the IR sensor on your TV.
  • Reset your remote by removing the batteries, pressing each button once, and then reinserting the batteries.
  • If using a universal remote, ensure it is properly programmed for your Samsung TV model.

Internet Connection Issues

If your Samsung TV keeps restarting or has trouble maintaining a stable internet connection, try the following:

  • Restart your TV and router.
  • Check for any loose or damaged cables.
  • Ensure your TV is not too far from your Wi-Fi router.
  • Update your TV’s firmware to the latest version.
  • Contact your internet service provider if the issue persists.

Preventing the Banner from Reappearing

To ensure the Samsung TV banner doesn’t reappear after removal, follow these tips:

Keeping Your TV’s Firmware Up-to-Date

  • Regularly check for firmware updates in your TV’s Settings menu.
  • Enable automatic updates, if available, to ensure your TV always has the latest firmware.

Regularly Checking Banner Settings

  • After each firmware update, check your banner settings to ensure they haven’t been reset.
  • Periodically review your TV’s settings to verify the banner feature remains disabled.

Using a Universal Remote with Customizable Settings

  • Invest in a universal remote that allows you to create custom settings profiles.
  • Create a profile with the banner feature disabled and use it as your default setting.

The Benefits of a Banner-Free Samsung TV Experience

Removing the banner from your Samsung TV offers several benefits:

Uninterrupted Viewing Experience

  • Enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and games without any distractions or obstructions.
  • Fully immerse yourself in the content without the banner breaking the illusion.

Improved Aesthetics and Screen Real Estate

  • Enjoy a cleaner, more visually appealing screen without the banner taking up space.
  • Make the most of your TV’s screen size and resolution, seeing the full picture as intended.

Reduced Distractions and Increased Immersion

  • Eliminate the constant reminder of the banner, allowing you to focus fully on the content.
  • Enhance your overall viewing experience with a distraction-free screen.

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Samsung TV

Beyond removing the banner, there are several ways to optimize your Samsung TV for the best possible viewing experience:

Calibrating Picture Settings for Optimal Image Quality

  • Use your TV’s built-in picture calibration tools to fine-tune settings like brightness, contrast, and color.
  • Consider investing in a professional calibration service for the most accurate and visually stunning results.

Customizing Sound Settings for Immersive Audio

Enabling CEC for Seamless Device Control

  • Enable Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) in your TV’s settings to allow seamless control of connected devices, such as soundbars, Blu-ray players, or game consoles.
  • Enjoy the convenience of controlling your entire entertainment setup with a single remote.

Creating a Personalized Smart Hub Experience

  • Customize your Samsung TV’s Smart Hub by organizing apps, channels, and settings to your liking.
  • Create a personalized home screen that puts your favorite content front and center for quick and easy access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes the banner to appear on Samsung TVs?

The banner appears due to various reasons, such as promoting Samsung’s TV Plus service, displaying auto-promotions, or as a result of firmware updates.

Can I remove the banner without using the remote control?

In most cases, you will need the Samsung TV remote to access the settings menu and disable the banner. If your remote isn’t working, try using a universal remote or the Samsung SmartThings app on your smartphone.

Will removing the banner affect my TV’s warranty?

Disabling the banner through the standard settings menu should not affect your TV’s warranty. However, be cautious when accessing the service menu or making other advanced changes, as it may void your warranty.

How often should I check my TV’s banner settings?

It’s a good practice to check your banner settings after each firmware update and periodically (e.g., once a month) to ensure they haven’t been reset.

Can I disable the banner on multiple Samsung TVs at once?

No, you will need to disable the banner individually on each Samsung TV, as the settings are specific to each device.

Does disabling the banner affect my access to Samsung TV Plus?

No, disabling the banner does not affect your access to Samsung TV Plus. You can still use the service by accessing it through the TV’s main menu or app list.

Will the banner reappear after a factory reset?

Yes, performing a factory reset on your Samsung TV will likely restore all default settings, including the banner. You’ll need to disable it again after the reset.

Are there any benefits to keeping the banner enabled?

The banner can provide quick access to Samsung TV Plus and sometimes displays useful information about new features or content. However, many users prefer to disable it for a cleaner viewing experience and to avoid distractions.


Removing the banner from your Samsung TV is a simple process that can greatly enhance your viewing experience. By following the step-by-step guide and troubleshooting tips outlined in this article, you can easily disable the banner and enjoy a clutter-free screen.

  1. Access your TV’s Settings menu using the remote control.
  2. Navigate to the General or System settings.
  3. Find the banner-related option and set it to “Off” or the lowest available value.
  4. Save your changes and exit the Settings menu.

Regularly maintaining and optimizing your Samsung TV is crucial for ensuring the best possible performance and viewing experience. This includes:

  • Keeping your TV’s firmware up-to-date.
  • Checking and adjusting your TV’s settings periodically.
  • Calibrating your TV’s picture and sound settings for optimal quality.
  • Cleaning your TV screen and checking cable connections.

By removing the Samsung TV banner and optimizing your TV’s settings, you can create a personalized viewing experience that caters to your preferences. Embrace the freedom of a banner-free screen and enjoy your favorite content without distractions.

Now that you know how to remove the banner from your Samsung TV, it’s time to take control of your viewing experience. Follow the steps outlined in this guide, and you’ll be enjoying a clean, uninterrupted screen in no time. Happy watching!

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